7 March 2018

Microomics, the company that brings together microbes and genomics to improve health, agriculture and industry

A new spin-off born at the CRG, which is devoted to offering metagenomics solutions.

21 December 2017

Jordi Hernández awarded the CERCA Pioner Prize 2017

Jordi Hernández, former PhD student at Juan Valcárcel’s laboratory and current CRG Entrepreneur in Residence has been awarded the CERCA Pioneer Prize.

6 September 2017

This one goes up to 11: researchers crack code for genetic ‘control dials’

CRG scientists develop a new technique to crack the underlying DNA code for the ‘control dials’ that determine levels of gene activity in bacteria.

1 August 2017

CaixaImpulse funds a project to develop a new cancer treatment based in aternative splicing

The AON project aims to develop new cancer treatment for lung adenocarcinoma based on antisense oligonucleotides acting selectively on key cancer related genes.

5 July 2017

An experimental technique analyses for the first time the functioning of human sperm before being inseminated into the egg

The work of the CRG and Eugin Group succeeds in observing the fertilisation capacity of the sperm cell before its insemination in the oocyte.

28 June 2017

The TBDO participated in the 2017 BIO International Convention in San Diego

The BIO International Convention (BIO) attracts over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders who come together for one week of intensive networking and partnering meetings to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. 

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25 April 2017

TBDO awarded two VALUNI 2016 grants for technology transfer projects

ACCIÓ has awarded the TBDO with two VALUNI 2016 grants for technology transfer projects. The grants will help financing:

  1. The incorporation of Microomics, a CRG spin-off that will offer professional services in the field of metagenomics analysis;
  2. The licensing of a novel technology for the treatment of Huntington’s disease by means of CRG proprietary and patented Zinc Finger Proteins.


25 April 2017

New method to ensure reproducibility in computational experiments

It contributes to establishing good scientific practices and provides an important framework for those research projects where the analysis of large datasets are used to take decisions.