S2B Concept Challenge

The Science to Business (S2B) Concept Challenge is a TBDO initiative that celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among CRG researchers, with a view to pursuing commercialization of a technology that originated in CRG research. The challenge aims to address critical healthcare and market needs, while stimulating CRG entrepreneurs to create innovative strategies to address them. The program aligns resources available through CRG's entrepreneurial ecosystem to maximize the opportunity to launch a successful commercial venture, thus increasing the impact of CRG's research-derived innovations.

General Entry Guidelines 2016

The challenge is structured into four stages:

November 1st Mid November Early December Mid December

Application Deadline

Written statement and Presentation must be emailed to the TBDO team


Based on adherence to the guidelines and consistency with the program’s vision

Presentation Pitch

Selected finalists must pitch (10 min) in front of the evaluation committee 

Awardees announced


Program launches


Download the flyer to learn more about the challenge!


The S2B Concept Challenge aims to address critical healthcare and market needs, while stimulating CRG entrepreneurs to create innovative strategies to address them. Edition 2016 welcomes any innovative ideas, with a particular attention to projects falling under the following 3 research areas:

  1. Synthetic Biology 
  2. Diagnostics & Therapeutics (e.g. Precision Medicine, Microbiomics)
  3. Software
  • Studying the commercial opportunity and potential markets of a specific research-derived innovation
  • Defining a viable business model
  • Understanding best path to market and timelines involved
  • Assessing the level of technical risk and the path to a “working” prototype
  • Connecting with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Engaging the TBDO on options for licensing the technology
  • Understanding roles and optimal timing of the different funding sources

The S2B application has two components:

  1. Written Statement: In case of non-group leaders, applicants must provide a written statement (predetermined format) that confirms their research advisors’ support to the project.
  2. Presentation: Applicants must provide a presentation (maximum 10 slides) that addresses the following guidelines:
  • About You. Your background, future plans and what motivates your involvement in entrepreneurship and the S2B program. Explain why you are the right person to take this idea to market. 1 slide
  • Technology. Describe your technology. Include the scientific background, technology status, references to IP, and publications. 2–3 slides
  • Potential Applications. Who may benefit from your technology? What industries/sectors may find it valuable? What problem or need in each of these sectors does your technology address? Why is this problem important? 1-2 slides
  • Path to Market. Which of the possible sectors are you inclined to target first? Why? In that space, what is your path to the market? If available, please include prototypes and/or proof of principle. How far are you from a minimal viable product (MVP)? 1-2 slides
  • Risks. What are the current barriers or risks to commercialization? 1 slide
  • Plan. What do you want to accomplish, including expectations and value building in the year-long S2B program? 1 slide

The written statement and presentation must be emailed to the Technology and Business Development Office (CRG_BusinessInnovation@crg.eu) by the deadline of November 01, 2016.

Applicants Eligibility

In order to qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a current researcher at CRG in one of the affiliated departments or core facilities
  • Have support of their research advisors
  • Be a significant contributor to the CRG research-derived technology proposed
  • Be highly motivated, mature, competent and engaged to explore commercialization
  • Be strongly interested in leading entrepreneurial activities

Applications not complying with the former guidelines are rejected on formal grounds. 



Eligible participants are invited for an interview with the TBDO team during the period 01–15 November. Applications are judged based on eligibility and consistency with the program’s vision. If a sufficient number of high standard proposals are accepted*, finalist gets the chance to revise their presentation based on the TBDO feedback.

* A minimum of three (3) applications fulfilling the program requirements are needed in order to run the challenge, and five (5) to consider the delivery of a second prize. Below these number of applications, the first and second prize respectively will be left void.



Finalists are asked to present their projects in a 10 minute pitch on early December. Projects are judged by a multidisciplinary committee consisting of a TBDO member, a CRG group leader, an industry expert, an established entrepreneur in science and/or an investor. Entrepreneurs and their venture proposals are evaluated on the following selection criteria:

  • Applicant eligibility
  • Support of the research advisor
  • Alignment to CRG research scope
  • CRG research-derived technology
  • Commercialization potential, in terms of timeline, market and impact
  • Absence of competing mechanisms for commercializing IP
  • Presentation Slides
  • Presentation Pitch

The 1st and 2nd winning teams are awarded an entrepreneurial package valued up to 25,000 Euros and 15,000 euros, respectively. The entrepreneurial package funds are aimed to cover proof of concept experiments and/or additional expenses that will be required to kick start and progress with your project. Their use should be jointly defined with the TBDO for the benefit of the project**. Up to 2,500 euros can be reserved by the awardees as a compensation for devoting own time and resources. Project progression and funds use are subject to continuous tracking.

The TBDO team is available for any assistance that you require as you progress through your proof of concept plans and develop your business strategies. It is our hope that this program will further foster the CRG entrepreneurial spirit and will help translating innovative scientific knowledge into benefits for health and value for society.

** All S2B Concept Challenge generated IPs will be the property of the CRG.

To be announced.