About us

The mission of the Technology and Business Development Office (TBDO) at CRG is to facilitate the exploitation of the institution’s research results for the public good, and to help the economic growth of the life sciences sector in our region. Our will is that scientific results generated at CRG will develop into novel therapeutic, diagnostic and other type of products that will contribute to the wellness of our society. Read More / Less

We are responsible for materializing CRG’s-based efforts at capturing the value emanating from CRG’s research activities by:

  • Identifying and assessing the market potential of innovations, discoveries and inventions made at CRG
  • Securing the necessary property rights
  • Managing CRG´s proof of concept fund and related initiatives
  • Acting as a liaison between CRG’s innovations and researchers, and industry
  • Marketing and licensing CRG’s know-how and technologies through the negotiation and execution of licensing agreements, and the creation of spin-off companies
  • Creating additional value through other intellectual property-related transactions, including but not limited to consultancy, sponsored research and services
  • Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship within the CRG community through different types of activities

The Technology and Business Development Office (TBDO) is made of professionals with strong, and complementary scientific and business backgrounds. Determination, integrity and passion for what we do are the main drivers of our work. We are currently a team of four, supported by an administrative assistant:

We have strong links to many other technology transfer offices and networks worldwide, being proud members of a number of professional associations, namely:

  • ASTP-Proton, the pan-European association for professionals involved in knowledge transfer between universities and public research institutions and industry
  • AUTM, the US-based Association of University Technology Managers
  • EU-Life, an alliance of top research centres in life sciences to support and strengthen European research excellence, structured around different working groups, including one devoted to Technology Transfer
  • RedOTRI, the Spanish network of technology transfer offices from universities and public research institutions

The TBDO also benefits from the expert advice of a Business Board that is made up of representatives from local and international biotech and pharma companies, venture capital, a business school and the economics press. The Board meets once a year to guide and advice the institution in general and the TBDO in particular, about different initiatives to help bridge the gap between science and society, and science and industry.

Through the years we have also engaged ourselves in countless partnerships and collaborations with some of the main stakeholders in the biomedical field.