Develop your Invention (Proof-of-Concept)

Get additional funds for pushing your technology or inventions forward towards commercialization

We will work with you to define the best strategy and development needed to make your technology more attractive to industry or investors.

Many inventions remain unexploited due to the the absence of an industry sponsor, or the lack of funding to prove the real application of the invention, or to build a prototype of a product or a service that could then be used to solicit investment for a new company, or license the new product or invention.

CRG has established a Proof of Concept: Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF) in an effort to bridge the gap from research to commercialization in what is sometimes called “the valley of death”.

The fund is available on a yearly basis, managed by the TBDO. Two main formats are available:

Learn more about CRG’s Proof of Concept: Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF)

If you are interested about other Proof of Concept financial sources you can contact us or our CRG’s Grants Office. If you identify an opportunity that is suitable for you and your project, the TBDO will do its best to help you build a strong proposal. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your TBDO manager if needed. We will be happy to help you!

The TBDO has helped me secure more than 700,000 Euros funding in proof-of-concept grants for two of my more applied research projects.

Luis Serrano
CRG Director, Leader of the Design of Biological Systems research group and ICREA Research Professor