Commercialize your Invention

Secure the most suitable route for commercialization having it properly linked to industry and investors

We will promote your technologies and inventions through our well established network of investors and industry partners, and any other possible means to make the the best out of your results.

Commercialization is not an easy task. It needs a clear understanding of the inventions and technologies that are to be commercialized, together with a deep knowledge of the market and its needs, the different stakeholders involved, and knowledge and support on intellectual property, legal and other aspects necessary to reach successful arrangements.

There are many ways in which the knowledge, results and technologies generated at CRG can be transferred for the benefit of society. Overall, the transfer of knowledge and results to other researchers and stakeholders in academia, the health system and industry fuels their pipelines with innovative products and services, and helps them (and in turn us) improve the people’s quality of life and social welfare.

Importantly, the revenues generated in the process are used to feed further research at CRG, and compensate CRG researchers for their initiative. This in turn stimulates the ecosystem to find new technological solutions that respond to new challenges.

The way that revenues from commercialization are shared with researchers is detailed in CRG’s Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Policy, which you can find through the “Quick Links” or “CRG Policies and Guidelines” sections of this Website.

In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact your TBDO manager. We will be happy to help you!

We have generated more than 2 million Euros income for CRG from commercialization and related activities.

We have engaged ourselves in more than 100 interactions with industry, always seeking to promote proactively CRG’s distinct technologies and capabilities.

We have been involved in several entrepreneurial initiatives, including the creation of  qGenomics and Microomics.

Learn more about Commercialization through our FAQs.