Protect your Invention

Safeguard valuable results and inventions to improve their potential for commercialization

We will work with you and expert consultants to secure the best protection for your inventions without hampering your research activities.

We assess each invention we receive, and when feasible develop a preliminary commercialization strategy that takes into account many different aspects. The feasibility and best way to protect your technology through intellectual property rights is a critical one that involves you directly.

Of note, patents are a major form of protection of results arising from the research done at CRG. Patents protect inventions that are novel, inventive, and involve and industrial application. While the latter is usually out of question, and inventiveness may be a matter of discussion, novelty means that no public disclosure in whatever means and form has been made prior to filing a patent.

Please do not hesitate to contact your TBDO manager in case of doubt. We will be happy to help you!

Without the patents that protect my invention on the regeneration of the retina through somatic cell reprogramming induced by Wnt pathway activators, I could have never managed to get an industrial partner to develop it into a real product for the treatment of a variety of invalidating retinal disorders.

Pia Cosma
Leader of the Reprogramming & Regeneration research group at the CRG and ICREA Research Professor