Bioinformatics Unit


Julia Ponomarenko


The Bioinformatics Unit provides researchers at CRG/PRBB and external organizations with services of consultation, planning NGS experiments, data processing, analysis and management, software and database development, bioinformatics training, and access to high-performance computing resources. The team contributes to research projects by providing support and expertise in programming and advanced data analysis, focusing primarily on high-throughput genomics and transcriptomics technologies including microarrays, genotyping, and next-generation sequencing.


The Bioinformatics Unit works in synergy with the Genomics Unit to support users through all steps of a service, from the planning to the delivery of timely and reliable results.



  • Consultancy on bioinformatics methods and resources
  • NGS (WES and WGS) experiment planning and budgeting
  • Bioinformatics training
  • Software development
    • Development of bioinformatics scripts and more advanced pipelines to automate sequence analyses and genome annotation tasks;
    • Implementation of integrative bioinformatics web applications;
    • Implementation of customized Genome browsers.
  • Data Processing and Analysis
    • Processing and analysis of metagenomics data;
    • Processing of high-throughput genomics and transcriptomics data;
    • Analysis of RNA-seq, ChIP-Seq, 5C, OpenArray and other high-throughput data;
    • Identification of differentially expressed genes;
    • Genome variation detection and comparative analysis;
    • Genome re-sequencing;
    • De novo genome assembly;
    • Downstream gene analysis, including GO term, motif and pathway enrichment analysis.
    • Genome functional annotation, including motif, regulatory elements and promoter analysis;
    • Protein functional annotation through multiple sequence alignments, orthology assignments, protein structure comparisons, fold recognition, and phylogenetic analysis.
    • Metagenomics (microbial and fungi communities)
  • Data management
    • Construction of ad-hoc databases and web interfaces to allow systematic storage, management, analysis, and search of biologically relevant information;
    • Development of versatile ticketing and project/lab management systems based on the semantic media wiki technology.

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