Advanced Light Microscopy Unit


Nadia Halidi


The Advanced Light Microscopy Unit provides researchers at CRG/PRBB and external organizations with an outstanding range of high-end instruments and covers the entire spectrum of advanced light microscopy applications, including a recent focus on super-resolution microscopy. Several confocal and wide-field systems offer configurations for multicolor, multiphoton, single-molecule, in vivo time-lapse, and automated high-speed imaging.


It is currently one of the best-equipped microscopy units in Europe, frequent beta-test and demo site and several of its instruments are technology flagships in Spain.


  • Super-resolution microscopy: Leica CW-STED, Leica GSDIM
  • Single beam laser-scanning confocal microscopy: 4 systems (2 multiphoton microscopes, time-correlated single photon counting detectors)
  • Andor Revolution XD spinning disk confocal microscope
  • Zeiss Cell Observer HS wide-field microscope
  • ImageXpress Screening Microscope w. transmission option
  • Pulsed UV Laser ablation system
  • Fluorescence Macro Zoom Microscope with ColorCCD
  • Processing cluster + 2 processing workstations


  • Super-resolution microscopy (STED, GSD/dSTORM)
  • Two-photon and confocal microscopy
  • Multi-position imaging
  • Fluorescence (lifetime) correlation spectroscopy (FCS/FLCS)
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF)
  • Single molecule applications
  • Laser ablation/wounding
  • High content screening (HCS)
  • Environmental control for in vivo imaging
  • Automated widefield imaging
  • Image processing and analysis

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