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Tackle your Biological Questions through our Computational Tools

Most of our research groups use computation as a means to interrogate and model biological phenomena. Our expertise ranges from basic research in algorithm design to advanced implementation of software packages, pipelines and databases, most of which are very well established tools in both academy and industry. At TBDO we make sure that CRG software is properly licensed and distributed for public use.


DEVELOPERS: Paolo di Tommaso @ Cedric Notredame's group

TYPE: Domain Specific Language

CATEGORY: Workflow Management System


A fluent DSL to simplify deployment and migration of complex parallel and reactive workflows on clouds and clusters.

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DEVELOPERS: Gian Gaetano Tartaglia´s group

TYPE: Web Server and stand-alone Software

CATEGORY: Protein-RNA interaction


An algorithm to estimate with great accuracy the binding propensity of protein-RNA pairs. Now featuring a stand-alone version for local installation.

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DEVELOPERS: Luis Serrano's group and the Fold X Consortium (CRG-VIB-EMBL)

TYPE: Software

CATEGORY: Protein Design


An automatic protein design software for fast and quantitative estimation of protein stability. Now featuring a user-friendly interface and new capabilities for loop reconstruction and peptide docking.

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