Terms and Conditions

The scientific images on this site are, unless otherwise stated, © CRG, and in this situation, users may copy, distribute and display the freely downloadable version of the image under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial version 2.5 licence for Spain (the "Creative Commons Licence", for details see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/es/) and the additional conditions set out below.

Under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence, anyone is free to copy, distribute, and display the image, providing that the image is fully attributed to CRG and used solely for non-commercial purposes.


1. Non-Commercial use only

'Non-commercial purposes' is defined under the Creative Commons Licence as not primarily intended for, or directed towards, commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.

Uses for which reproduction fees are waived by us for CRG-owned images are:

  • thesis submitted by a student at a higher or further education institution for the purposes of securing a degree
  • reproduction in teaching materials created in any medium by a teacher or lecturer at an educational establishment for the purposes of teaching. This includes making printed copies of such materials for students and promoting and making such teaching materials available in electronic form , for example, via a virtual learning environment.
  • use in exhibitions by not-for-profit organisations including accompanying printed catalogue material (not including promotional merchandise offered for sale).
  • personal use by private individuals
  • use in CRG funded projects

If you are unsure about any of these or whether your usage is covered, please contact us.

2. Derivative works

Derivative works are defined under the Creative Commons License and No Derivatives License as "any work created by the editing, modification, adaptation or translation of the Work in any media". Users are not permitted to make derivative works with the images provided in this website.

3. Attribution

This means that the copyright holder must be credited, and the discreet but visible watermark must be used.

4. Attribution and moral rights

Whichever license terms apply, users must also consider and uphold the author's statutory moral rights, according to the Spanish Law of Intellectual Property.

5. Liability

Users shall be liable for any damage which may arise from the use of the scientific images and shall hold harmless the CRG for any loss, claim or demand, which could be raised by the CRG, or made against the CRG by any other party, due to, or arising from, the use of the images by any user.