Vivek Malhotra

Research and Interests

Dr. Malhotra aims to understand the mechanisms of transport carrier formation from the Golgi, and the process by which Golgi membranes are partitioned into daughter cells during cell division. Dysfunctional protein secretion through the Golgi plays a role in a broad range of disorders including diabetes, cystic fibrosis and asthma. The characterization of the mechanisms underlying protein secretion may thus lead to new targets for diseases in which protein secretion is disturbed. 

Expertise and Capabilities

Malhotra’s group utilizes novel in-vitro approaches and mouse models to elucidate the mechanisms and physiological significance of conventional and unconventional protein secretion, which they combine with classical biochemical and molecular biology techniques, advanced cell imaging, genomics and proteomics.

Of note, the group has established a set of 2D or 3D cellular assays to:

  • Test for mucin secretion, with the possibility of adapting the assay to discriminate mucin synthesis from secretion, and to test for pollutants;
  • Test for unconventional protein secretion, which is responsible for the secretion of most interleukins;
  • Test for the secretion of collagens, especially type II, which is essential, e.g. for skin biogenesis.

All these assays should enable to screen for compounds interfering with any of the processes tested.

Additional Information

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