Verena Ruprecht

Research and Interests

Ruprecht's lab has a cross-disciplinary research focus combining Biology, Biophysics and Bioengineering to study cell and tissue dynamics in early embryonic development. The group uses Zebrafish embryos as an in-vivo model system for the study of early morphogenesis and also develops 3D in-vitro biomimetic assays to reconstitute single cell dynamics and collective self-organisation and tissue patterning. The lab builds and advances state-of-the art technology for bioimaging and 3D biomimimetic interfaces. The group also has expertise in Image Processing, Image Analysis and quantitative Modeling of dynamic cellular processes. 

Expertise and Capabilities

Ruprech´t group studies cell and tissue dynamics in early Zebrafish embryonic development, using a multidisciplinary approach based on advanced fluorescence microscopy, 3D cultures and perturbation tools.

In particular, the group is devising tools and methods for: 

  • Quantitative live cell imaging 
  • In-vivo imaging
  • Superresolution microscopy
  • Single molecule imaging
  • Image-based screening
  • 3D biomimetic environments
  • Microconfinement 

Additional Information

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