Nicholas Stroustrup

Research and Interests

Aging involves a set of functional declines across spatial scales in our organs, tissues, cells and the molecular constituents of our cells.

Stroustrup's group is studying how, interacting in the context of complex physiologic networks, these functional declines conspire to determine the nature and timing of age-related decreases in general health and the onset of specific diseases.


Expertise and Capabilities

To measure and understand the molecular physiology of aging, Stroustrup's group combines experimental molecular genetics approaches with data analytic strategies drawn from epidemiology, complex systems theory, and statistical physics.

Using C. elegans as a model for metazoan aging, the lab can rapidly run the equivalent of large clinical trials with nematodes as "patients", studying the chronic effects of genetic, environmental, dietary, and pharmacological interventions on the aging process.

In particular, the group is devising tools and methods for: 

  • Molecular Genetics
  • Survival Analysis
  • High-Throughput Imaging
  • Low-Throughput Imaging
  • Automated Image Analysis

Additional Information

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