Marc Marti Renom

Research and Interests

Dr. Marti-Renom’s combines the laws of physics and the rules of evolution to investigate the molecular mechanisms that regulate cell fate. More specifically, he develops and applies experimental and computational methods for predicting the 3D structures of macromolecules and their complexes at the Protein, RNA and DNA level.


Expertise and Capabilities

  • Protein-Ligand Interactions for Drug Discovery.

    Open source methods for comparative docking of small chemical compounds and their target proteins.

  • RNA structure prediction.

    Novel tools for aligning known RNA structures and inferring the function of new ones, based on their evolutionary record.

  • Structure determination of genomes.

    Development of hybrid pipelines to determine the higher-order chromatin folding of genomic domains and whole genomes. Our pipelines combine computational tools (TADbit) with experimental protocols for chromosome conformation capture experiments.

  • Software

    TADbit A Python library that deals with 3C-based data to detect Topologically Associating Domains (TADs), model their 3D structure and analyze them.

    TADkit A 3DGenome bowser to navigate and annotate structures of genomes and genomic domains.

    nAnnoLyze A network-based analysis of the structural similarity of all protein structures in the Human proteome that is mined for the identification of novel therapeutic targets as well as repositioning of known drugs.

  • Databases

    TCAMS-TB A dataset including a series of compounds and its predicted targets in Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Additional Information

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