Cedric Notredame

Research and Interests

Multiple comparisons of biological sequences, has the advantage of precisely revealing evolutionary traces, thus allowing the identification of functional constraints imposed on the evolution of biological entities. Dr. Notredams’s group extends the scope of multiple comparisons, predominantly based on sequence similarity, by developing novel tools based on several biological signals such as sequence homology, structural similarity, genomic structure, functional similarity and more generally any signal that may be identified within biological sequences. 


Expertise and Capabilities

Dr. Notredame is wide-ranging expert in bioinformatics. His group provides and further develops all flavors of the versatile multiple sequence alignment software T-coffee, a collection of open source and web-based computational tools for computing, evaluating, combining and manipulating multiple alignments of DNA, RNA, protein sequences and structures. 

His group has also developed Nextflow, a workflow management system that ensures reproducibility in computational experiments. The software,described in Nature Biotechnology as contributing to establishing good scientific practices, is available for academic research but also for clinical and commercial production.

Additional Information

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