27 October 2015

Xavier Gallego joins the Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program

Xavier will collaborate with the TBDO team and CRG researchers to test a next generation video tracking systems that he has recently developed. The equipment is able to automatically detect complex rodent behaviors under any environmental condition. 
16 October 2015

Health & Bio Team Dating

On 3 December 2015, Banc SabadellBiocatCataloniaBio and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation are holding Health & Bio Team Dating, an event where scientist and business professionals can talk about their projects and themselves with the aim of building a balanced team to lead successful start-up in the life sciences.

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12 October 2015

Victor LLorente joins the Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program

Victor will collaborate with the TBDO team at CRG, looking for business opportunities based on innovative technologies in the software and medical sectors.

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9 October 2015

TBDO Sessions Round-table discussion in the context of the 2nd CRG BioBusiness School.

09/10/201510:00CHARLES DARWINTBDO SessionsRound-table discussion in the context of the 2nd CRG BioBusiness School..What it takes to be an entrepreneurAbstract:“Start ups”, “spin-offs”, “innovation”, “entrepreneurship”… In advanced economies, technology-based company creation is perceived as an important motor of regional economic development. Many of such companies arise from publically funded research institutions, promoted in many cases by researchers like you. But… do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Find it out next Friday, October 9th at 10h00 by joining a round-table discussion with some of the most relevant members of our regional, as well as international ecosystem.

The round table is open to all the PRBB community, and it...

8 October 2015

CRG Proof of Concept: Commercialization Gap Fund (CGF)

Deadline: 11/10/2015 (Approaching!)

Please send your application (max. 2 pages) under the following schemes:

  • MIDI - Up to 6 months and 35 kEUR
  • MAXI - Up to 12 months and 75 kEUR

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24 September 2015

AstraZeneca embraces crowdsourcing in cancer R&D

UK pharma company jumps on the open access R&D bandwagon, offering access to data on over 50 of its drugs, with the aim of inspiring new combination therapies for cancer.

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18 September 2015

New CRG Technology and Business Development Office

The CRG re-launches its technology transfer office, which emerges as the new Technology and Business Development Office.

2 September 2015

2nd CRG BioBusiness School

Based on the great success of the first edition, the 2nd CRG Bio-Business School shall:

  • Raise awareness about technology transfer among the participants through lectures and hands-on practical sessions;
  • Teach the challenges, opportunities and tools to successfully transfer basic knowledge "from the lab to the market";
  • Identify projects with technology transfer/business potential that could otherwise remain undisclosed;
  • Match basic science in biomedicine, bioinformatics, etc. with business;
  • Have participants function as "signal amplifiers", able to spread the knowledge acquired amongst other colleagues, and apply it to new projects;
  • Stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The course is organized to train researchers in technology transfer and related areas (entrepreneurship, patents, and bio-business). This is in line with two of the main goals of the CRG: train the next...

8 July 2015

Neuroscience, technology, computer science and creativity come together to support people with disabilities

CRG, Starlab, UB and IMIM presented Brain Polyphony, an interdisciplinary project that aims to develop a system that translated brain waves into sound. The final goal is to improve communication...

10 June 2015

TBDO Sessions Richard J Law

10/06/201510:00R_473.10_AULATBDO SessionsRichard J LawEVOTEC"Structure based drug design guided by fragment screening & computational chemistry".Host: Tórtola Pérez, SilviaAbstract:Fragment based drug design has emerged as an effective alternative to high throughput screening for the identification of lead compounds in drug discovery in the past years. Screening of low molecular weight weak binders (“fragments”), and obtaining hits is a well understood process that can be achieved by many different assay techniques. Less well defined is how to proceed once a hit is obtained. Computational chemistry, and the application of...