Jérôme Solon

Research and Interests

Dr. Solon is interested in observing morphogenetic events in real time, which is one of the most fascinating aspects of studying embryonal development. He aims to unravel the mechanisms at the origin of force generation, co-ordination and regulation during developmental morphogenetic events. His research focuses on understanding such cellular behaviors during Dorsal Closure, a late stage morphogenetic movement in Drosophila gastrulation. In particular, he studies how forces, underlying cell movement, are generated and coordinated, and how this is linked with chemical signaling networks. Next to gaining more fundamental knowledge in development processes, his research contributes to the field oncology and regenerative medicine, creating new perspectives for the control of abnormal tissue growth, tissue integrity, tissue aging, wound healing and the regeneration and replacement of injured tissues. 

Expertise and Capabilities

Interdisciplinary lab, with core expertise in biophysics of embryo development using genetics, molecular biology, high-resolution live imaging, physical analysis and modeling.


Additional Information

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