Start-up Ventures

Getting it right, early on

We encourage you to contact our team early in the process to discuss your innovation and evaluate if a start-up venture is a viable strategy. If so, we can provide or direct you to a wealth of expertise, resources and connections that you will need to start a company.

The TBDO will carefully analyze the following factors to advise entrepreneurs on their start-up ventures:


What problem, market need or customer pain are you addressing?


What is your technology and its stage of development?

Why is your solution unique and superior?

What is the competitive edge over current and future solutions?

Problem / Solution


Who will your customers be?

How big is the market opportunity?

Have you built something people really want and the way they want it?

Solution / Market


Who is your team?

Why is it uniquely qualified to run this venture?

Are there significant managerial or scientific gaps and how do you plan to fill them?

Product / Team


What is your business strategy?

How much money will you need to raise?

What will you use it for?

When will you need it?

Idea / Venture

Creating a company is a tough but rewarding experience. qGenomics was created in 2008 and there is still no day like the other… a constant learning experience!!!”

Lluís Armengol
Founder of qGenomics

For more information about how CRG supports and deals with Spin-Off creation please check our Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Policy.

In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact your TBDO manager.

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